Chapter 2: The microscope

introduction to the microscope

Workbook Exam
1. Introduction to the Microscope
2. Compound Microscope (Illustration, Base, Arm, Focus Knobs, Body, Ocular, Nosepiece, Objectives)
3. Working Distance and Focal Point of Objectives, Depth of Field, Field of View, and Magnification
4. Stage, Condenser, and Diaphragm
5. Principles of Microscopy - Total Magnification Power
6. Principles of Microscopy - Working Distance and Focal Point
7. Principles of Microscopy - Depth of Field
8. Principles of Microscopy - Field of View and Diameter of Field

care and use of the microscope

Workbook Exam
1. Care and Use of the Microscope and Specimens

focusing the microscope

Workbook Exam
1. Focusing the Microscope

workbook Terminology Exam
1. Terminology Exam - Microscope

Additional Links - Videos and Animations
1. How To Use A Microscope 
(Best of YouTube posted by TCCMediaCrew)

lab activities using the microscope

Workbook Exam
Lab Activity 2: Diameter of Field and Working Distance using Millimeter Ruler b>
Lab Activity 3: Observation of Printed Letter e
Lab Activity 4: Depth of Field using Silk Fibers (or colored fibers)
Lab Activity 5: Exfoliated Squamous Cells and Diameter of Field
Lab Activity 6: Observation of Pond Water